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Owner Support


Many of the properties listed on Kindom Of Rentals are provided by private owners and smaller agencies who pay to advertise their property.
You can tell if a property is offered by a private owner as it will show a button 'Ask owner' or 'See details' instead of 'Book now' or 'Instant book' and the owner's contact details are listed on the right side of the property page.

How to book with a Private owner

Booking with Private owners is different than booking with one of our Agency Partners, since you manage the negotiation and booking process directly with the Owner, and not via Kindom Of Rentals. Here's how to do it:

  • Confirm prices and availability with the owner.
  • Receive a rental contract from the owner, including the dates, price and conditions for your booking.
  • Sign and return the rental contract.
  • Make a deposit payment to secure your booking (typically around 30% of the full booking price).
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